Lumen DIY Kit - M12

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The perfect tester for M12 wax

This kit comes with 

  • 2.2lbs of M12 wax
  • 3 - Lumen Vogues
  • 4 - LCS 45 wicks
  • 4 - LCS 50 wicks
  • 2 - LCS 80 wicks
  • 3 - 0.75oz fragrance oils

This kit has everything you need to test the M12 wax with the perfect vessel and wick combo. The wax will be divided into three parts, each filling the Lumen perfectly with the oil paring you choose. 
Each Lumen has two of the LCS 45 wicks which work perfect in most Lumen applications. The occasional LCS 50 works well with some oils but the 45's will give you the perfect jumping off point for almost all others. 

Choose the three colors for your Lumen Vogues and we will send you three different fragrances from various categories to test this amazing wax. 

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Lumen DIY Kit - M12