VN case Ceramic Diffuser Bottle – Black (24)

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DISCLAIMER: Please note this is not an LCS exclusive jar. This vessel is an overstock from another supplier which we are on-selling at a discounted rate. Purchase and use at your own discretion.

Contemporary sake design inspired ceramic diffuser bottle.

Please note this bottle is an open bottle and has no stopper/lid. No reeds included.

We recommend pre-bottling your diffuser oil in a separate sealed bottle and selling this ceramic bottle with reeds as a set, for the customer to dispense and assemble themselves.



External Vessel Dimensions: 44mm⌀ (top) x 75mm⌀ (base) x 125mmH
Internal Vessel Dimensions: 34mm⌀ (top) x 118mmH
Vessel Capacity: 200ml
Suggested Fill Capacity: 150ml
Vessel Weight: 210g

Suitable Lid: N/A
Suitable Packaging: N/A

Only available as a full carton of 24 units.
Carton size: 24 units

Please note, product photo may differ from actual item in terms of colour due to lighting and/or manufacturing.

*Disclaimer: Please be careful when filling the diffuser bottles with reed or fragrance oil. Oil that spills onto the exterior of the bottle may cause the finish to discolour.*

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VN case Ceramic Diffuser Bottle – Black (24)

VN case Ceramic Diffuser Bottle – Black (24)

Old price $30.00