Farmers market tips


In most cities you can google 'farmers market' and it will birng up a list of the closest ones around you.
If do not get anything in the search results you can also find this information on your local city or county page.

The best thing you can do for your business is get into a market that is made for you. There are so many to choose from depending on the city you live in and you can end up in one that may not be suitable for your type of business.

The best thing you can do is look at the vendors list, which should be on the city page or farmers market website.

If either of those pages does not have a vendors list your next best bet is to walk through the market to see what types of vendors are there and if you would be a good fit.

This also gives you a chance to see the type of demographic that is there and the foot traffic you can expect.

The booth price for a farmers market varies from market to market.

Some markets may allow a booth and you pay a percentage of your daily sales.

While other markets will charge you a booth fee along with a percentage of sales.
I have seen these prices range from as little as $20 and up over $100 for the size of the market.

Here are some things you will need to set up a successful booth at a farmers market.

1. A pop up canopy, typically 10X10 or smaller for most markets. Here is an example

2. Weights for your pop up tent. This is a must for most farmers markets and you will want them to make sure your tent doesn't move. Example 1. Example 2.

3 You will need a table for you products. How many and what size will be up to you and how you want to style your booth. Example.

4. Table cloth of some sort, these will help with overall presentation. Example.

5. Signage, price tags, anything that helps identify you products at even the slightest glance. You would be amazed at how many people will walk by, look at your products and still not know what it is. Example 1. Example 2.

6. Product displays for your candles, soaps, lotions, etc. A proper display will not only allow you to show more products, but it also helps with the look, feel, and aesthetic for your booth which helps bring in more customers. Example 1. Example 2. Example 3.

7. Cash box or apron and money belt to hold your cash. I prefer an apron which allows you to hold onto your cash at all times. A cash box can be stolen somewhat easy in a busy market. Example 1. Example 2. Example 3.

8. Bags and tissue paper. Having bags is a must when selling products. You want to be able to send them away with every they purchased protected and easy to carry. Tissue paper is a nice addition to the bags if you want to add to the presentation. Example 1. Example 2.

9. Price tags or labels. Having prices showing on everything is very important. Signage showing the prices helps but also having some labels on each product just ensures people see the price on each product. You wan to make sure that one customer who walks through your booth to browse and doesn't ask any questions, to know the price of everything. Example 1. Example 2.

10. A credit card reader is another must have and there are many options. If you use Shopify you can order one of their branded readers. Square is also another very good reader option. Example 1. Example 2.

11. Something to carry your products from your car to the booth. You can eliminate multiple trips with a pull cart, dolly, anything to help you carry multiple boxes at once. I cannot stress how much this one will make a difference. Example 1. Example 2.

12. A cooler is a great thing to have since you won't really be able to leave the booth much during the day. It can get really hot and having something to keep drinks, lunch, snacks, is a huge help. Example 1. Example 2.

13. Business cards. You would be surprised how many people still ask for them. It's good to have a QR code with business cards right next to it so anyone can save your business information. Example 1.

14. A water bowl for dogs. (optional) You would not believe how many people will use this and thank you for having one. It's the hidden gem of the markets. So many people bring their dogs through and every single one usually stops for water and while they stop, they can't but help look across your tables to see what you have. Example 1. Example 2.

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